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Welcome to the home page of Harley Grove Gurdwara.  The Sangat Gurdwara is open to everyone and it is the Sikh place of worship. It serves as both a place of worship and a cultural and learning centre for all ages of the community.

This website has been created to provide information of the services, events and celebrations held at the Gurdwara, we also hope it will give you a brief introduction to Sikhism, The Gurus and an understanding of the ceremonies held at the Gurdwara.

The Sikh Sangat Gurdwara is open to everyone of every race, creed and religion because in Sikhism everyone is equal. This equality can be seen by the fact that in Gurdwaras everyone sits down together on the carpeted floor in the Diwan Hall. If you should come to the Gurdwara, please bear this in mind when choosing your attire. Additionally, everyone is required to remove their shoes before entering the Gurdwara and keep their heads covered at all times in the Diwan Hall, Langar Hall and the Kitchen. We have listed these requirements along with more information about the Gurdwara in these pages

Daily Hukamnama from Amritsar - English

Sunday, August 20, 2017

DHANAASAREE, FIRST MEHL: The body is the paper, and the mind is the inscription written upon it. The ignorant fool does not read what is written on his forehead. In the Court of the Lord, three inscriptions are recorded. Behold, the counterfeit coin is worthless there. || 1 || O Nanak, if there is silver in it, then everyone proclaims, ?It is genuine, it is genuine.? || 1 || Pause || The Qazi tells lies and eats filth; the Brahmin kills and then takes cleansing baths. The Yogi is blind, and does not know the Way. The three of them devise their own destruction. || 2 || He alone is a Yogi, who understands the Way. By Guru?s Grace, he knows the One Lord. He alone is a Qazi, who turns away from the world, and who, by Guru?s Grace, remains dead while yet alive. He alone is a Brahmin, who contemplates God. He saves himself, and saves all his generations as well. || 3 || One who cleanses his own mind is wise. One who cleanses himself of impurity is a Muslim. One who reads and understands is acceptable. Upon his forehead is the Insignia of the Court of the Lord. || 4 || 5 || 7 ||

Daily Hukamnama from Amritsar - Punjabi

AYqvwr, 5 BwdoN (sMmq 549 nwnkSwhI)

DnwsrI mhlw 1 ] ieh mnu`Kw srIr (mwno) iek kwZz hY, Aqy mnu`K dw mn (srIr-kwZz auqy iliKAw hoieAw) drgwhI prvwnw hY [ pr mUrK mnu`K Awpxy m`Qy dy ieh lyK nhIN pVHdw (Bwv, ieh smJx dw jqn nhIN krdw ik aus dy ipCly kIqy krmW Anuswr ikho ijhy sMskwr-lyK aus dy mn ivc mOjUd hn jo aus nUM hux hor pRyrnw kr rhy hn) [ mwieAw dy iqMn guxW dy Asr hyT rih ky kIqy hoey kMmW dy sMskwr r`bI inXm Anuswr hryk mnu`K dy mn ivc au~kry jWdy hn [ pr hy BweI! vyK (ijvyN koeI Kotw is`kw kMm nhIN AwauNdw, iqvyN Koty kIqy kMmW dw) Kotw sMskwr-lyK BI kMm nhIN AwauNdw [1[ hy nwnk! jy rupey Awidk is`ky ivc cWdI hovy qW hr koeI aus nUM Krw is`kw AwKdw hY (iesy qrHW ijs mn ivc pivqqw hovy, aus nUM Krw AwiKAw jWdw hY) [1[rhwau[ kwzI (jy iek pwsy qW ieslwmI Drm dw nyqw hY qy dUjy pwsy hwkm BI hY, irSvq dI ^wqr SreI kwnUMn bwry) JUT bol ky hrwm dw mwl (irSvq) KWdw hY [ bRwhmxW (koVW SUdr-AKvWdy) bMidAW nUM duKI kr kr ky qIrQ-ieSnwn (BI) krdw hY [ jogI BI AMnHw hY qy jIvn dI jwc nhIN jwxdw [ (ieh iqMny Awpxy vloN Drm-nyqw hn, pr) iehnW iqMnW dy hI AMdr Awqmk jIvn vloN suM\ hI suM\ hY [2[ Asl jogI auh hY jo jIvn dI shI jwc smJdw hY qy gurU dI ikrpw nwl iek prmwqmw nwl fUMGI sWJ pWdw hY [ kwzI auh hY jo suriq nUM hrwm dy mwl vloN moVdw hY jo gurU dI ikrpw nwl dunIAw ivc rihMdw hoieAw duinAwvI ^whSW vloN prqdw hY [ bRwhmx auh hY jo srb-ivAwpk pRBU ivc suriq joVdw hY, ies qrHW Awp BI sMswr-smuMdr ivcoN pwr lMGdw hY qy AwpxIAW swrIAW kulW nUM BI lMGw lYNdw hY [3[ auhI mnu`K AklmMd hY jo Awpxy idl ivc itkI hoeI burweI nUM dUr krdw hY [ auhI muslmwn hY jo mn ivcoN ivkwrW dI mYl dI nws krdw hY [ auhI ivdvwn hY jo jIvn dw shI rsqw smJdw hY, aus dy m`Qy auqy drgwh dw it`kw l`gdw hY auhI pRBU dI hzUrI ivc kbUl huMdw hY [4]5]7]

Forthcoming Events

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We like to thank all parties who have donated to the Gurdwara so far. As you can see from the Gallery the Gurdwara finished photos, however we still need further donations. You can donate buy clicking on Donate Button bellow.